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It's been quite awhile since I've posted something new on my website. I moved into a new much downsized apartment. It's bachelor themed with separate bath & bed room. I'm guessing 400 sq. ft. total. So as a result  I've had to re/think my entertainment set/up completely.

I've sold off most of my old system with a few exceptions. I kept my SAR Labs modified Dynaco ST-120, & Walter built me a small passive line/stage. I've gone to book shelf speakers
due to space constraints. I've found a pair of absolutely excellent B&W DM-17's. Apparently the Japanese call these "poor man's" 805's. The other components left over from my old system are an old Philips CD changer & the MSB Link Dac, the Rel subwoofer & my power supply stuff.

Interestingly there are only 2 parallel walls in the living room, & I think because of this, the room response is very neutral. The floor is finished polished concrete. There is no carpet in the room and only a large set of drapes over a floor to ceiling picture window. While performing the clap test I could hear no ringing or overhang.

I'm going to rebuild the website over the next while, to reflect my new situation.

Stay Tuned