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October 31/2017
The last time I posted on my site was June 2016. I have decided to look into computer audio and streaming hi/resolution files. I recently purchased a Schiit Audio Loki DSD Dac which is no longer in production. Schiit Audio has introduced a new product using the Loki moniker, The new product is a 4 band eq called the Loki Mini. The plan is to purchase a Loki Mini, & pcm Dac from Schiit Audio as well as their tube pre/amp to go into my current system.  

Here are some pics of the Loki DSD followed
with pics of the Loki Mini

It's been quite awhile since I've posted something new on my website. I moved into a new much downsized apartment. It's bachelor themed with separate bath & bed room. I'm guessing 400 sq. ft. total. So as a result  I've had to re/think my entertainment set/up completely.

I've sold off most of my old system with a few exceptions. I kept my SAR Labs modified Dynaco ST-120, & Walter built me a small passive line/stage. I've gone to book shelf speakers
due to space constraints. I've found a pair of absolutely excellent B&W DM-17's. Apparently the Japanese call these "poor man's" 805's. The other components left over from my old system are an old Philips CD changer & the MSB Link Dac, the Rel subwoofer & my power supply stuff.

Interestingly there are only 2 parallel walls in the living room, & I think because of this, the room response is very neutral. The floor is finished polished concrete. There is no carpet in the room and only a large set of drapes over a floor to ceiling picture window. While performing the clap test I could hear no ringing or overhang.


look for some interesting up/grades for the future

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Well it is now well into year 2017, January 29th to be exact. I've been affilliated with S.A.R. Labs since June 2000. So another year has started with S.A.R. Labs still chugging along albeit at a little slower pace than before but still manufacturing state of the art product. Walter will be building high quality solid state & vacuumn tube products more in the vein of one off projets. Look for them on this page as they become available. I will publish pictures & specifications of each project as they become available.

...................................... cheers

My Audiophile Journey

Audiophiliac Personality Disorder

The ear/brain interface is the most important factor to consider when making a descision to put together a good hi/end audio system. You are the one who has to live with the choices you make, so choose wisely. Once you have selected the main system, ie. the active electronics, the amp, speakers, CD player, turntable, etc. you can then start thinking about accessorizing your system. Before you do that get some good quality entry level interconnect, speaker wire etc. When it comes to speaker wire or interconnect, get the most neutral product you can find, ones having the least resistance, inductance, capacitance, and dialectric losses are what to look for. "Many hi/end wire companies sell entry level products, which meet these criteria. today the total cost of the wiring in my system is no more than $400. Listen to your system for a good month, before shopping for accessories. Remember the sales person is there to separate you from your hard earned dollars not to be of assistance to you. One accessory I highly recommend is, a high sensitivity BS detector. It should be with you every time you read an audio review magazine or go shopping for audio.
System tweaks: 

I can't in all honesty be bothered with the which wire is better "issue" anymore. It is "soooo" boring. It's similiar to arguing religion or politics, you can never change the deep seated beliefs of others. Rule number one for me: when  a piece of wire is priced the same as or higher than the price of the associated electronics, I usually walk away. When claims of quantum physics, or string theory, cryogenic treatment treatment with Tesla Coils, are bandied about by a sales rep, Don't forget that bs detector.


 My previous thoughts on the speaker wire/interconnect controversy follows below.

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